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USNile 2 TV Connection Kit


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Allow you to connect one USNile Set-top box to 2 TV's 

But Both TV's will share the same channel !

2 TV Kit includes the following: 

  • RF Modulator Adapter.
  • Remote Extender Kit.

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- What is included inside the box:

  • RF Modultor Adapter.
  • Remote Extender Kit.

How does it work:

  • Running the connection:

    You must connect our set-top box to the RF Modulator using the Audio / Video cables (Red, Yellow, and white). 

    Then run an (RF Cable) from the modulator to your 2nd TV, and switch the TV to channel 3 or 4.

  • Setup the remote extender:

    You will need to setup the remote extender in both rooms where you put the transmitter next to the 2nd TV and the receiver by the 1st TV. 

    Using our Remote will allow to change the channel from the 2nd room using the extender.

- What's the benefit of having this item: 

  • Connect 2 TV's to one set-top box.
  • Enjoy watching from a different room.

- What you might need before purchasing:

  • This item requires installation.
  • RF Cable is needed (not included)